#FestivalFashion Ready!

The festival season has arrived and we couldn’t be more excited about it, which is why we couldn’t resist but to kick the season off with a festival fashion party to get all our babes ready for the festival season! 
It was great to meet all the amazing and talented bloggers that joined in on all the fun! To name a few: 
You were all fabulous! We will be slipping in to your DM’S very soon! ;) 
We couldn’t have wished for a better atmosphere! Great music, unlimited popcorn and sweets to indulge in, let’s not forget the bottomless prosecco and goodie bags we had on hand!
A big shout out to the @the_braid_bar and tarot reader @psychicpassage who were busy braiding hair and predicting the future to our bloggers! Not to worry, we checked… the future was bright for our #umaybabes! 
Besides the great music, atmosphere and all the fun… let’s face it, festivals wouldn’t be the same without the killer fashion that comes along with it! As let’s be honest, planning that sassy outfit that turns heads is all part of the fun! 
With so many options, choosing what to wear and making sure you’ve got everything you need is harder than it sounds! Good thing is, we’ve got you completely covered by asking our insta babes their favourite festival looks from our collection! From women’s Bodysuits to women’s dresses we have so much in store for you! 








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