Snake Print: The New Trend Every #umaybabe is Wearing on Instagram

Let us introduce you to the new king of the jungle; Snake Print.

 We’ve seen leopard, tiger and zebra prints doing the rounds but snake print

 is taking the crown this season!

 We’ll admit it: our wardrobes are starting to look like a zoo, with so many animal prints adoring our hangers! But not to worry, according to street style stars… snake print is firmly holding on to the top of our animal inspired outfits!

 Take our Jordyn Snake Skin Mini Dree in both neon green and neon pink, this dress pares perfectly with a stiletto heel? Or better yet, why not dress it down with a black snake print boot? We’ll have you looking 10/10 and ahead of the crowd.


If two pieces are more your style, why not invest in our ultimate favourite Jennifer Midi Pencil Skirt and Kelhani crop top? In this look… errryone will think you have yourself together, even after you’ve made one to many trips to the bar!

If you are ready to combat the snake print trend this season, shop here to see what else we have in store for you!


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