U.May empowering the next generation.

U.may’s charity work with Teen Aids is not only providing help for kids dealing with life changing illness, we also work to empower girls to achieve their full potential. A positive self image and confidence are always at the core of everything we do here at U.May. 
Teaching girls to become self assured leaders with a skill set that empowers them to be confident in their own decision making. Helping girls to raise self esteem and be self assured by taking on tasks such as public speaking. Using art therapy to teach girls skills the power of their own creativity. 
The skills we inset into all of these girls is also our focus when it comes to creating our designs, a strong empowered woman ready to take on the world. 
Thank you to everyone who has supported Umay during 2019, in turn we have been able to support Teen Aids who are dedicated to delivering an even better experience for all the young peoples lives that’s work with. 


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